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A Certified E-Fit Personal Trainer. Holds an MSc in Computer Science, BEng in Computer Systems & Electronics & is an Author: RealTime Critical Systems HRM Prot. & Ada Int.

Jordan is technically minded, has a passion for fitness and is set to make a difference. His technical background complements the works of Electro Fitness. Personalising the devices to suit clients of a diverse body composition requires the technical mindset and knowledge that Jordan possesses. His passion for fitness complements his client's workouts to reach unimaginable goals and has an extreme effect to delivering results. 


A Certified E-Fit Personal Trainer. Currently executing an advanced level course in nutrition & holds a BSc in Computing&Information Systems

From a young age Stacey has had a great interest in the Fitness Industry, always trying to learn ways to better herself. Stacey believes that everyone can achieve their dream, no matter how far it may be and feels honoured that she has been able to help many people achieve this and continues to do so! She is devoted to make clients feel comfortable and be themselves.

We are proud representatives and exclusive distributors of E-Fit EMS Devices in Gibraltar. 


Our aim is to optimise Personal Training in Gibraltar. We use unique qualities that make us stand out in this competitive market. Results are guaranteed, and the relationship we build with clients is friendly and personal.

The relationship we build with our clients allows us to evaluate them to a personal level, this includes us learning about the lifestyle they have and the lifestyle they need to adopt. Each client have their own personal reasons of why they come to us in the first place, we embrace their needs and treat them accordingly. 


As a result of this relationship, we develop programs that will get them to their next milestone. 90% of the clients reach their milestones with flying colours. Bear in mind that reaching goals is not an easy task, as it requires clients to do most of the work. We provide them with the formula and we help them execute, but they work hard and they progress - we follow their progression and we set new milestones. It's amazing to witness the progress, we love it and that is why we are here - To help you change your life as best as you need it to change.



- Fitness Programs: Strength, Endurance, Weight Loss, Toning and Others.

- Rehabilitation Programs: Working around injury to optimise recovery time - Reduces chance of further injury.

- Passive Spinal & Sciatica Treatments: Targets areas using Deep Tissue EMS Programs to stimulate Spine Supporting Muscles.

- Anti Cellulite Treatments: Localized EMS Program to boost superficial blood circulation in cellulite affected areas.


Our fitness programs are suited to people of all fitness levels, including first timers and extreme athletes. According to our client reviews... "The service is an experience worth having and it is not to be underestimated." 


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77/3 Main Street, Gibraltar, GX11 1AA

(+350) 22 22 33 84

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E-Fit Gibraltar has proved to deliver results to 90% of its clients in little time. Indeed, certain clients receiving better results than others at different response rates and mostly to do with the distinct body composition as well as nutrition. Nonetheless, E-Fit Gibraltar ensures that the 30 minutes of training you spend with us, twice a week will grant you the results you have been searching for in due course. Without a doubt, hardwork and a nutrition program is key to a complete and desirable transformation. Investing a little time and some money on yourself at E-Fit Gibraltar is a strategic approach to a life changing experience. 



E-Fit Gibraltar uses the EMS concept that dates back hundreds of years ago when it was first discovered. Initially used to treat distinct diseases in the 1700s, followed by its usage in space research to prevent muscle atrophy on astraunauts working in zero gravity environments, then used to complement sports therapy for faster recovery of professional athletes and finally, EMS accomodated with advanced technology to revolutionise the world of fitness, health, rehabilitation & cosmetics globally.


Public Service

Our training is done in a supportive and motivational environment. We work intuitively to avoid clients procrastinate the need of getting back into shape. Enforcing fitness programs that are completely active, extremely effective and significantly time saving. Our private studio is based in the heart of main street, and our packages include free consultation and nutritional advice, shower, towels & toiletries. Just bring yourself and your E-Fit Training Kit ; )


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Our Sports Therapist Laurie Crawford-Smith and Ayurvedic Yoga Masseuse Sean Rodriguez also play an important role in our Team. They work independent hours and are available to you on specific dates & time. For more information fill in the contact form below.